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Mejor Abogada!
Visite varios abogado y nadien me daba buenas noticias, hasta que me recomendaron con la Abogada Aburto, fue la mejor decisión al poner mi caso en sus manos después De Dios, estoy muy agradecido por que gracias a Dios ya puedo estar tranquilo en este país y lo mejor que en un año mi caso fue aprobado y terminado.
Mynor  |  July 6, 2017
The best immigration lawyer i know by far!! as immigration lawyer
The best immigration lawyer i know by far!! as immigration lawyer i am writing this review and i met allot of them.she is very competent smart honest and hard working immigration lawyer.
ANONYMOUS  |  APRIL 25, 2017
Diane has been recommended to me and not for a second I had to regret I choose her. Diane is highly professional, very confident, smart and helpful. She was always there for me if I had any questions or concerns about my case.
Great and got the job done
Miss Aburto is a rockstar. She is very knowledgeable of the system and catered her approach to my situation based on exactly what we needed to get the job done. I would definitely recommend her for anyone looking for a solution
Best attorney
I must say Diane is the best attorney I own I have been using her for the pass 6 yrs and never had a problem or any discrepancies with her services. She is very friendly , efficient and professional*****
LORNA  |  AUGUST 31, 2015
She is the best and a caring person
I am of dutch descent and had my green card clipped, firstly I had another lawyer and she took over his practise, everyone told me I would never get my green card back but she helped and I have a new green card. She is wonderful. I would like to thank her once again, and we hope my husband will be just as Lucky as I was Thank you Mrs. Aburto.
LYDIA  |  AUGUST 27, 2015
A true gem within immigration law
From the start, Diane handled my immigration case like a true professional, swiftly and the outcome she was able to achieve, surpassed my expectations. She applied her expertise to my case and made my American Dream come true. Her confidence and knowledge of the immigration law system made me feel I had the best lawyer for my case. She is prompt, professional, pleasant and knowledgeable, well connected and will stand by you until the desired results are received. She is informed about the latest changes to the Immigration Act which makes her a very effective immigration attorney. I highly recommend this attorney to businesses and individuals. Thank you Diane!
BOJAN  |  APRIL 30, 2015
She is the best lawyer ever , she helped me to get my green card in no time at all and she is helping my friends too, she has a very good hands on approach and really good communication so you never feel like you are in the dark. I would definitely recommend her!
UGLJESA  |  APRIL 10, 2015
One of the best!
I am a clinical psychologist in Miami, and have been working with Ms. Aburto for about 3 years, conducting evaluations for some of her clients, and providing therapy for others. All of the clients I have spoken to are very pleased with her representation. I, personally, have found her to be extremely knowledgeable, responsible, and professional, as well as being caring and understanding. I recommend her very highly, with no reservations. Lorraine D. Diston, Psy.D.
Outstanding Immigration Attorney!
She was the only attorney that was able to help me with my immigration case. She was always available every time I would call her. She would always respond all my emails in a timely manner. She would always sit with me and explain every little detail about my case. I had a really... REALLY complex immigration case. I went to 7 different lawyers and 6 of them told me that I would never win my case, she was the only one who said that it was possible but there were some things that we would need to do before. It took me about 4 years for the whole process but thanks to her I was able to adjust. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER! She is the best! Thank you Diane!!!! Im very grateful for all your help!
I have worked with many lawyers in my line of work, and I have found Diane to be one of the most honest and hardworking out of all of them. Because of her attention to detail and laser like focus she has always made that I am prepared for whatever challenges I might face. She has always made me feel like whatever she is doing for me is the most important thing going on in her life no matter how routine or mundane it may be.
KYLE  |  DECEMBER 4, 2014